Walter van Heuven

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Research in my lab focuses on understanding the processes underlying visual word recognition in monolinguals and bilinguals, the neural processes underlying word processing, the relationship between executive processes and language, foreign language vocabulary acquisition, processing of subtitles, non-native speech perception and speech perception training, and developing computational models of visual word recognition.

We study visual word recognition in various languages, such as English, Dutch, Chinese, Greek, Malay, and Welsh.

We use a wide range of methods, such as behavioural testing (reaction times, eye movements), neuroimaging (event-related potentials, function magnetic resonance imaging), and computational cognitive modelling.

Psycholinguistic Databases developed in my lab:

I collaborate with colleagues at the University of Nottingham and other universties in the UK and abroad (e.g., the Netherlands, Malaysia, Poland). My research has been funded by national and international funding agencies.

I am a member of the Psycholinguistics Research Group and the Cognition and Language group at University of Nottingham. I am also a member of the EPS, ESCoP, and the Psychonomic Society.