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PRLG (PseudoRandom List Generator) is a program that you can use to generate pseudorandom stimulus lists. The program also allows you to set up constraints (i.e. number of successive similar items, e.g. words or pseudowords) on the stimulus order.


Current version: 1.31 (25 April 2014)


The program is written in Java and runs on any computer with Java SE 7 or higher installed. You can download the latest version of Java here. PRLG uses the Mersenne Twister (MT19937) from the Colt library to generate pseudorandom lists.

How to run the program

Windows: Double click on the PRLG.jar file or open the Command Prompt, navigate to the PRLG directory, and type: java -jar PRLG.jar to start PRLG.

MacOS X: Double click on the PRLG.jar file.

Version History

1.31 : Information about the randomness of the generated lists is saved with all generated lists.

1.30 : Bug fixes and code improvements.

1.29 : Error message is shown when fillers file is not found.

1.28 : Minor improvements.

1.27 : Major update. Bug fixes and improvements. Requires Java SE 7.

1.25 : Bug fixes. Menu bar added. Check for new version included in Menu.

1.22 : Major update. Bug fixes and interface improvements. PRLG is now able to read and write Unicode files.

1.00 : First public release.