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Eyetracker Output Utility is a program to visualize, analyze and convert gaze data of eyetracking systems from SMI (e.g., RED, iView X Hi-Speed), Tobii (e.g., T60, T120, TX300), and SR Research (e.g., EyeLink 1000). The program can visualize gaze data, create QuickTime movies, convert data files to ILAB, and calculate the number of fixations and total fixation durations in regions of interest within user defined time windows.

Eyetracker Output Utility

Current version: 1.27 (22 July 2016)

Click here to download the latest version (the manual is included in the zip file).

Double click on "EyetrackerOutputUtility.jar" to start the program. If the program does not start in Windows you might need to fix the ".jar" file association problem (use Jarfix to solve this problem). Alternatively you can navigate to the Eyetracker Output Utility folder and type

java -jar EyetrackerOutputUtility.jar 

in the "Command Prompt" application in Windows .

Do not move EyetrackerOutputUtility.jar outside the folder. The jar file should be in the same folder as the "lib" folder. When you start the program it checks online whether there is a new version is available. The Eyetracker Output Utility runs on any computer with Java SE 8 or higher installed.

Eyetracker Output Utility - Events view.